Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cannabis Legalization March - Downtown Cincinnati

The "Million Marijuana March" hit Cincinnati today, and drew about 150 people to the courthouse in downtown Cincinnati. It certainly beat shooting the Ky. Derby yesterday - there were hippies.

Hippies with their bongos

The cops showed up for a bit, mainly just to check the permits that the people selling pipes and hemp clothing were all in order.

One of the things that the orginizers brought were three 5 ft long megajoints. Here a protestor offers the THC-free joint to cops surveying the crowd.

They took some teamwork to light.

But when the finally got going...

Chris "The Anarchist" Ryan shows off his Yippie (Youth International Party - Y.I.P) pins dating back to the 70s when the movement got started.

This girl was in charge of University of Cincinnati's student involvement with the protest. She's selling THC free pot and hemp papers.

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