Sunday, January 11, 2009

Disney World Here I Come...

This week I'm headed to Orlando, FL for 4 days to cover the *takes deep breath* "United Cheerleading Association/United Dance Association College Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championship" at Disney World. Should be good fun: 4 days in the Magic Kingdom with a bus full of dancers and cheerleaders.

The reporter assigned to the event is Reggie Philpott, who (I'm pretty sure) is The News Record's Chief Reporter. Some of his articles can be read at

I'm only really worried that something will go horrifically wrong; I'll have exactly 4:30 to capture everything I need.

I've already started capturing images of practices, and have decided that the subject for my quarter long project in Adv. Photojournalism will be the cheer squad.

UCA/UDA event organizer's homepage (with event videos under the "News" tab):

University of Cincinnati's Dance Team home page:

University of Cincinnati's Cheerleading home page:

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